Pine Honey


Color: The pike is darker than the thyme. What is produced in the spring is lighter and clearer than that produced in the autumn.

Perfume – Flavor: Particular aroma. Because of the low concentration of sugars, it is not too sweet.

Nutritional Value & Beneficial Properties: The pomegranate’s nutritional value is due to the large number of different substances that coexist in its composition. The pine honey has an antiseptic effect, helps in the fight against inflammation and acts against cough and gout. It is a unique place for trace minerals, which are found in high concentrations in the Greek pine tree, characterizing it as honey of high nutrition. It also fights the conditions of the throat. Pine honey has a strong anti-estrogenic effect on breast cancer cells. It is tonic, increases the heart rate, reduces ulcer problems and is considered honey of high nutritional value.

Crystallization: Due to the low natural content of phytocomel in glucose, crystallization occurs at a fairly slow rate. This type of honey crystallizes after 24 months.

Calorie Value: 15gr of Pine Honey Resistant to 46 Cal

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