What is honey ?

Honey is the natural sweet substance that bees produce from the nectar of plants, or from secretions of living parts of plants, or from excretions of insects that sap plants, which bees collect, convert by mixing with special substances in their bodies, , dehydrate, and store on the honeycomb honeycombs in order to ripen it. There are many types of honey. It is categorized into two main categories in flowering and honeycombs.

Flower Honey: Πορτοκαλιάς, θυμαριού, ευκαλύπτου, δενδρολίβανου, ερείκης, λεβάντας, λυγαριάς, ακακίας είναι μερικά από τα μέλια που προέρχονται από το νέκταρ που παράγουν τα αντίστοιχα φυτά.

Tree Honey: Pine and honey honey are some of the honey that comes from the honeys of the plants. Because of this, each variety of honey comes at different times of the year and has different flavors and organoleptic characteristics.


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