Welcome to Melissona Fergadis

We are a family business of four generations from the grandfather to the grandson. Founded in 1930, We work with love and love for the bee in the best possible way to provide you with pure products that are a natural source of energy that bees for thousands of years have given to humans.

We only apply natural methods for more than 85 Years, thus maintaining the characteristics and quality of our products unaltered. " We target our pure beekeeping products from our Beautiful Island Skyros, properly shield the human body and bring as much contact as possible to man with nature ".

The producers : George & Odysseus Fergedis


22220 93641 - 6932710923 – 6988074462
Χώρα Σκυρου. Οδός Κονδύλι. Πλησίον πλατείας ΗΡΩΟΝ

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